At Likusasa we believe we have responsibilities and obligations to our stakeholders to operate in a manner which promotes sustainability in our business, in the communities in which we operate, and the environment upon which we all depend.

Our Community

At Likusasa we believe that respect is critically important in everything we do, and that having respect for the community will ultimately build a better project.

Likusasa engages with communities to seek out synergies and mutual objectives for successful project completion, and in particular, providing opportunities for community members to participate as workers or sub-ontractors on our projects.

Our People

Our organisation’s core values and “can-do” approach underpin our people’s drive and motivation to succeed as well as to meet and exceed our client/partner expectations.

At the heart of our experience, expertise, knowledge and ability as an organisation lies our greatest asset - our people.

Likusasa operates regionally across Africa fostering a genuine sense of belonging, loyalty and ownership. This has created a core group of dependable long-term employees at all levels of the organisation.


We have the potential to have a significant impact on remote communities when we execute contracts, not just during the construction phase, but also afterwards as we bring telecommunications services to previously un-served areas.

These partnerships are further developed when talented workers who have received Likusasa training continue to work on further Likusasa projects regionally and internationally. Likusasa is committed to developing an African company in Africa for Africans.

Likusasa promotes sustainability by participating in community development projects that are biased towards youth leadership and sports development.


Likusasa actively promotes the use of renewable energy technologies as an alternative to the use of fossil fuels, and where no direct replacement is available, we develop solutions that reduce the inefficient use of energy.

We work with leading international technology providers to develop renewable energy solutions that are cost effective and appropriate to the African market.

As a contractor we ensure that our activities do no harm to the environment through the implementation of appropriate policies and procedures to eliminate or reduce waste and environmental damage.

Staff Training & Development

Likusasa employs a core of 250 people across Africa and the Middle East, and provides contracted employment for another 250 to 500 workers. In order to continue to develop as an organization, we empower our employees through a wide range of educational, training, and competence development initiatives.

We develop the competence of our management through the Likusasa Advanced Management Program which was offered for the first time in 2011, with the first graduates in 2012. This is a post-graduate level action learning programme, which is custom designed for senior Likusasa managers and administered by the Business School of the Netherlands. Graduates typically go on to complete a Masters of Business Administration.

Likusasa encourages its staff to obtain professional qualifications in engineering, construction, quantity surveying, and accounting, and support staff who undertake part-time studies in these disciplines, whether as a part of a degree programme, or as continuing professional development.

Likusasa has also recently launched an apprenticeship programme to train future artisans, supervisors, and construction managers.

Job specific initiatives focus on the development of skill sets relevant to specific tasks and/or the installation of specific equipment. Examples include; climbing certifications, solar equipment installation, and radio equipment installation.

Economic Empowerment

As an international group with interests throughout Africa, Likusasa supports economic empowerment initiatives and strives to be compliant with formal economic empowerment programmes in the countries in which we operate.

Economic empowerment initiatives undertaken by Likusasa take many forms including local shareholdings, employee benefit trusts, local management development, skills development and technology transfer, and social responsibility programmes. Each country and community has its own economic empowerment needs and expectations, and our initiatives are chosen to be relevant within that specific context.

In South Africa we adopt the BBBEE codes and regulations, and our South African operating companies are compliant within the context of sector specific charters. The Rural Development Support Programme (RDSP), a non-profit organization offering training and support to rural community based organisations since 1992 is a shareholder in Lemcon Likusasa South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

In Zimbabwe, Likusasa has complied with the indigenization regulations with a total 51% local shareholding held by employees, and local senior management.

In all of our operations we engage with local communities offering opportunities for employment, skills development, and sub-contracted work packages.

Main Offices

Through our network of regional and country offices, we undertake challenging projects in some of the remotest locations in Africa.

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